International Women’s Day 2021 – Leadership Lessons

For many years I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, many great women leaders across the world, and this past year was no exception. To honour them on this International Women’s Day, I asked them what the past year had thought them about leadership. Some powerful themes emerged – the importance [...]

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Leaders Ignite the Best in Us

I’ve had the privilege to work with some great leaders over my career – what makes them great is they create a context and environment that ignites everyone to be at their best in pursuit of their needs and those and those of the organisation. Those leaders, and my own leadership experience, have helped me [...]

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Leadership Reflections from 16 Women Leaders

I have the privilege of spending much of my time in the company of leaders in all sorts and sizes of businesses around the world and I'm glad to say many of them are women. Given the day that is in it, I asked 16 Irish women leaders, working in start-ups, SMEs and large global [...]

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2018 – your best ever year, if …….

The end of the calendar year is often a time to pause and consider a new year with hope and ambition for ourselves, our businesses and our communities. I am reposting here some ideas I have shared over recent years, that many readers have used to help them manifest more of what they are seeking in their [...]

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Leading from your Heart as well as your Head

Maybe you or one of your team deserve this in 2017...... Our Below the Line High Performance Leadership is an open programme for up to 10 participants from a variety of backgrounds and sectors that offers a unique experience to engage in an action learning process with contributors from the world of business, high performance [...]

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Retreating from the Whirlwind

The biggest challenge for most leaders is retreating from the whirlwind of business and life to get some space to reflect, refresh, adjust and renew. In business leaders are paid for the quality of their thinking but sadly because of the intensity of business that quality gets eroded. I am proudly associated with the Below The [...]

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