Go on – Throw Your Self into 2017!

It’s that time of the year when we pause and consider a new year with hope and ambition for ourselves, our businesses and our communities. So just before you get thrown into 2017…. My friend, Gerry Hussey puts it well when he talks about the breaths we take and the lives we live.  Some of us [...]

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Leading from your Heart as well as your Head

Maybe you or one of your team deserve this in 2017...... Our Below the Line High Performance Leadership is an open programme for up to 10 participants from a variety of backgrounds and sectors that offers a unique experience to engage in an action learning process with contributors from the world of business, high performance [...]

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Retreating from the Whirlwind

The biggest challenge for most leaders is retreating from the whirlwind of business and life to get some space to reflect, refresh, adjust and renew. In business leaders are paid for the quality of their thinking but sadly because of the intensity of business that quality gets eroded. I am proudly associated with the Below The [...]

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To begin leading like you’ve never led before, begin leading like you’ve never led before….

Every year, we put together a small group of managers / leaders from all walks of business to take some time out of their ‘whirl-wind’ to participate in a unique leadership development experience. Over the past four years participants have included business owners and senior managers from businesses of all sizes. The blend of participants […]

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Make History For Yourself in 2016

I have posted this idea for the past five years and it only works. I am grateful so many people asked me to repost it again this year – glad it is of some use for you. There is much written and talked about at this time of the year to achieve the goals you […]

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Who Cares, Wins

The word ‘care’ or ‘love’ can be tricky ones to use in business. Care is often more associated with health professionals and their patients. The idea of caring for someone else in a business context can be seen as a soft or weak idea in this hard-nosed business world, maybe with the exception of customer care […]

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You want a High Performance Business – Treat People as People

Sounds cliche, doesn’t it – ‘treat people as people’. Try it some day – just treat everyone you meet as a person, with care and respect. You don’t have to be agreeable all the time. Dissagree and agree with respect. Listen with care and interest. See the person as a person and not through the […]

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Better Leaders, Better Business

Better Leaders, Better Business, sounds like common sense, yet high performance leaders are not so common. Our 2015 open programme for High Performance Leadership is kicking off in March running through to December. Take a quick look at the programme information here and you and/or a colleague might like to be one of this year’s 12 participants. The feedback from last year’s […]

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Make History for Yourself in 2015

There is much written and talked about at this time of the year to achieve the goals you really care about and have the year you really want. We tend to get what we ‘expect’ rather than what we ‘want’, but often what we ‘expect’ is not good enough, exciting enough, meaningful enough or motivating enough. […]

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Will you run through the 2015 finishing tape fully intact?

I was reflecting on the great privilege I had in 2014 to work closely with leaders in many industries and countries. I found myself reflecting on one big theme that frequently arose for my clients throughout the year. As we worked though the business challenges of change, growth, threats and opportunities, we would often land […]

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