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Coaching is the Language of Change and Learning

In our work, coaching and mentoring is often where the real learning is done and progress is made. Sometimes this is one-to-one and sometimes it is with teams. Our experience of business over many years allows us ensure coaching and mentoring is a powerful and worthwhile intervention for executives and teams.

We see coaching as the process of connecting people more deeply with their own resources in the pursuit of established and worthwhile outcomes. On the other hand mentoring allows executives and teams tap into our knowledge and expertise. These two interventions can sometimes be blended.

We are also part of coaching networks internationally which gives us the chance of bringing the most valuable coaching solutions to clients.

A typical coaching intervention for an executive would involve:

  • A ‘chemistry’ meeting to allow both parties establish each other and fit

  • A meeting between the coachee, their sponsor (if appropriate), and the coach, to agree goals

  • Six to eight one-to-one meetings over eight to twelve months