Better Leaders, Better Business

//Better Leaders, Better Business

Better Leaders, Better Business

Better Leaders, Better Business, sounds like common sense, yet high performance leaders are not so common. Our 2015 open programme for High Performance Leadership is kicking off in March running through to December. Take a quick look at the programme information here and you and/or a colleague might like to be one of this year’s 12 participants. The feedback from last year’s programme was very positive and encouraging…… In 2014, I attended Dave’s Leadership Programme and found it excellent.  The brilliantly timed format allowed me to create the time and headspace to put everything into the course, and the content was both inspirational and life-changing.  I attended with a great group of people, who Dave takes the time to carefully select and match, and this made for a great group dynamic.  The ease and fluidity with which Dave facilitates the sessions is a testament to his own impressive understanding of the leadership and coaching arenas, and the three highly inspiring co-facilitators Dave uses during the year brought a fresh way to talk about the content.  If you’re serious about being a better leader, or are simply interested in finding out more about yourself, this is a programme I would highly recommend. – Dave Smyth, Managing Director, Ogilvy & Mather I found the High Performance Leadership Programme helped me to better understand and therefore manage both myself and others. As the course was spread throughout the year it allowed time to reflect and absorb the content, which I found to be grounded, clear and concise material. Also Dave and the other presenters have an ability to get you to really engage in this and open up  –  they have been there and done it  themselves – it’s not just pages of stuff you’ll never read again. All the material I have, I intend to read over again. – Tony McGloin, Sales Manager, Tenant & Ruttle

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